Writer Wednesday–Tell Us Your Last 3 Search Results


It’s Writer Wednesday! Yes, it’s that time again when a bunch of us writer friends get together and blog about the same topic. Today we’re talking about one of an author’s favorite things: procrastinating on the internet research!

I’m currently writing a book about a US Senator. That’s been…interesting. I knew politicians who are eyeing the White House are typically married and I had the idea that it was practically a requirement, so I decided my hero needed a wife if he had any prayer of becoming the president. But my editor questioned whether it was really true that a candidate had a better chance of being elected if married, so I did a search. Turns out only SIX presidents in our nations history were unmarried when they entered office. James Buchanan never married. Grover Cleveland married while he was president. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and Chester Arthur were widowers when they were elected and never remarried. Seems like my hero needs a wife for sure to increase his odds!

My senator’s heroine is the chief financial officer of a cosmetic company I envision being a lot like Urban Decay or Hard Candy. I did a lot of research on both and then tried to figure out how to get her and the senator together. Of course the answer is that my heroine is bringing out a new product that requires FDA approval and voila. My guy happens to know a few people in Washington…except guess what? Turns out that cosmetics don’t need FDA approval UNLESS the company claims the product diagnoses or cures a disease, and then it’s considered a drug. Oops. Now my heroine’s product is a wrinkle-reducing lotion with healing properties and yup…she needs help because she’s never had to go through the FDA approval process before. Crisis averted! Thanks Google.

Last but not least, I needed a good conflict. My heroine, she messed up a lot as a teenager and was arrested. Not a great track record for a future Mrs. President. I had a sneaking suspicion juvenile records are sealed, but I also didn’t want her to lie about it. I hate romance conflicts where someone is being deceptive, plus I didn’t want to go through all the rigmarole of whether he was the kind of guy who’d use his influence to unseal it (he’s not, by the way). Turns out in Texas, it’s pretty easy to get juvenile records sealed if you commit a misdemeanor and a little more difficult if you commit a felony. And then my editor pointed out that if she’s just going to tell him, it’s not much of a conflict. So yeah. It’s just a small part of her past now and I had to completely redo her conflict. But I learned some stuff, which is cool.

Look for Scandalizing the Senator next year from Harlequin Desire! In the meantime, I have a book about a 9780373734047soccer player on the shelf now (THE PRINCESS AND THE PLAYER) and I had to research that too. But that was way more fun than doing a search because I have writer friends from England who poured out so much soccer knowledge on me, I nearly drowned! But I looked up Cristiano Ronaldo on my own because I’m thorough like that…


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Writer Wednesday-Tell Us About A Natural Disaster

That’s right, it’s Writer Wednesday time again! Today’s topic is about natural disasters and being a Texan, I can’t pass up the opportunity to talk about our state mascot: the tornado.BlogCarnJuly8-01-01

Okay, tornadoes are not *actually* the state mascot but we certainly see our share of them. My son’s first soccer team was called the Tornadoes in honor of the phenomenon. Tornado sirens are a common sound in the spring and again in the winter when they test them.  We take our tornadoes like we take our football–seriously.

Scarcely a spring goes by that we don’t hear about at least one or two tornadoes touching down in the DFW area. Here’s the interesting thing about tornadoes. They don’t stay on the ground very long, and in the city, they lose momentum pretty fast. But when you hear that siren, you don’t care. It’s time to get in the closet.

We have a small coat closet under the stairs and that’s our designated tornado shelter. I would put money on every resident of North Texas having a designated tornado “spot”. It’s supposed to be the most central room in the house with no windows…or a bathtub, but then they say to put a mattress over the bathtub and that’s too difficult in the split seconds that you have from the time the siren go off until it’s all over. So it’s the closet for us.

Except tornado season really isn’t that long, so the closet gets crammed with other stuff. We’ve taken to watching the weather religiously so we know when a line of thunderstorms is headed our way, and if there’s tornado potential, we empty the closet and get ready.

The first time we had to do that when my youngest son was old enough to understand what it meant was not a good scene. We were watching the news and you know how the media likes to make everything sound more dramatic than it is? Yeah. That and a four year old is not a good combination.

Then they started talking about funnel clouds on the ground. And showed videos of tractor trailers being tossed around like Lego pieces. Granted, this was in the Arlington area and we’re about fifty miles from there. But still. We even made CNN.

The thing about tornadoes is that it could be fifty miles away, disappear and reform right over you. So we sat in the closet and my son was terrified for hours. Did you watch the clip? I was a little shaky too.:) We only got rain from that storm, thank God.

We all still have a Pavlovian response to the sirens. But if it keeps us safe, that’s okay.

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Writer Wednesday–Tell Us About Your Summer Vacations

Welcome back! Wow, has it been a month already since last time we posted? My calendar says it has, which means -BlogCarnJune10-01we’re well into June. How’s the weather treating you where you’re at? It’s HOT in Texas. Just like always.

Which brings me to the topic of today’s post: Tell us about your summer vacations as a kid.

We always went to my grandma’s house in Florida. I loved visiting there because my grandma watched Young and the Restless and let me eat Cocoa Puffs for breakfast. She had porch lizards in her sun room and lived on a canal. A spoonbill named Charlie stayed in her yard and I couldn’t wait until I was taller than he was, which finally happened when I was seven. The year I turned eight was when my grandpa made me start baiting my own hook when we fished off the dock in the back yard, and let me tell you–it wasn’t until much later that I realized making myself stick my hand a five gallon bucket of live shrimp was good preparation for being a mom. More on that in another post.

My grandpa always gave me money when my mom wasn’t looking and took me to the mall, where I bought treasures like key chains and bracelets. Near the mall was a farmer’s market called the Red Barn and that’s where we got corn. Dinner always took place at the smaller table out on the lanai because the fancy table was for company. I could never go in the formal dining room without the drapes catching my eye because that was where–as my mom whispered to me once–my grandma had sewn her diamond engagement ring into the hem so thieves wouldn’t find it.

I didn’t have cable TV growing up so my grandma’s house was where I saw my first Billy Idol video. I didn’t understand (then or now) why in the world he had eyes without a face or, for that matter, why Bryan Adams wanted to run to me. The year I was going into sixth grade, my parents let me fly to Florida by myself and the seats had the radio in the arm rest. I got headsets and listened to Duran Duran’s Rio and The Tubes’ She’s a Beauty four hundred and eighty seven times. That started my thirty five year love affair with new wave, which is still going strong, thank you kindly. The beach is still my favorite place in the entire world to go. I still have shells from the beach near my grandparents’ house that I picked up when I was younger than my son is now.

As everything does, things eventually changed. My grandma died when I was in my twenties but my grandpa held on. Visiting him in his condo was…hard. Grandma’s ring is in my jewelry box now, still not being worn. I get my corn from Kroger and anytime someone slips me money on the sly, it’s my husband because I forgot the tooth fairy was supposed to visit my kid that night. But every once in awhile, when no one’s around, I watch old episodes of Young and the Restless and eat Cocoa Puffs. Just because.

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Writer Wednesdays–Show Us What’s On Your Desk

Welcome back to Writer Wednesday! What’s Writer Wednesdays? It’s a year-long blog hop I’BlogCarnMay6-01-jpegm doing with some good friends and wonderful authors. **

Today’s post is: Show us your favorite item on your desk.

I have a confession. I don’t have anything on my desk except a laptop. I know, it’s like an author tradition to have a bunch of cool writer stuff but everything I own is put away. You might say I’m a bit of a neat freak. So instead of what’s ON my desk, I’ll show you what’s NEAR my desk and that’s books.


I’ll pause while you pick yourself up off the floor from the shock.

And now I’m back. Show (or tell us) what’s on your desk!

My friend KD Fleming has a new release out this month–don’t miss this!HerHometownReporter

Toby Hendricks Has The Inside Scoop on Gina Lawson 

The reporter is looking for a story that’ll be his ticket out of his small Georgia town.  With her political connections, legal assistant Gina Lawson could help Toby realize his aspirations. Their friendship is just an added bonus, but falling in love isn’t part of his five-year plan.

Gina’s devoted to her family and community, and doesn’t plan to ever leave. Though she finds her favorite reporter maddeningly irresistible, she must guard her heart. But when a betrayal of trust threatens to shatter both their dreams, will Gina and Toby learn that they share the same values after all?

Excerpt on KD’s website: http://kdfleming.com/my-books/

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Writer Wednesdays: Tell Us About Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day.gray borderHey, ya’ll–I’m blogging! No it’s not the apocalypse, it’s April. It’s raining weddings this time of year, and because I love weddings, this week’s Writer Wednesday is about that very thing. What’s Writer Wednesdays? It’s a year-long blog hop I’m doing with some good friends and wonderful authors. **

Without further ado: I’m a gonna tell you a tale about my wedding day. My then-fiance and I were adamant that we didn’t want a lot of hoopla over our wedding. So much so, that we decided to pseudo-elope! We didn’t tell anyone, picked a day and hired a preacher to meet us at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. We were feeling pretty smug about our secret wedding and it was a dream come true to marry the love of my life in such beautiful surroundings. The simple ceremony was about expressing our vows to love and cherish each other, not about whether the DJ played the right song at the reception.

We had a disposable camera for pictures (this was before the advent of smart phones, ya’ll–give me a break) and all was good…until we asked the preacher to take some photographs for us. This is where it comes in handy to know that the preacher was an amputee. That’s right–he was missing his left arm, which is fine for signing a marriage licence, but operating a camera? Not so much. Have you ever tried to take a picture with one hand? It’s hard. Apparently. Because all of our wedding photos are of the preacher’s pinky finger.

That’s okay. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was fifteen years ago. It so happens that April is my anniversary month, by the way, and yes, I did get married when I was twelve, why do you ask?

Tells us a highlight of YOUR wedding day or a wedding you’ve attended in the comments.

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**Writer Wednesday Participants

Tamra Baumann – Jamie Wesley – Kat Cantrell – Priscilla Kissinger   Lauren ChristopherKay Hudson – Pamela Kopfler  Carol Post – Sharon Wray  Natalie Meg Evans – Jean Willett  KD Fleming – Kristen EthridgeKathleen Bittner-Roth – Wendy LaCapra

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